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Contact Lenses

Why choose contact lenses?
Have you ever thought what it would be like to experience clear, natural vision without spectacles? Imagine the difference this could make to your day-to-day life. Whether you want freedom from your spectacles every day or just occasionally such as playing sport or going out for the evening, you can experience the convenience, flexibility and comfort that contact lenses offer.

Enjoy clear vision without glasses
Ideal for indoor and outdoor sports
Contact lenses are easy to look after and some lenses don’t even need cleaning
The latest contact lens materials keep your lenses moist and comfortable all day long
Contact lenses are now so comfortable you won’t even feel you are wearing them
Contact lenses allow you to look your best day and night
Change your look and be amazed by the difference
With contact lenses starting from as little as £10 a month, we have schemes to suit all occasional or full time wearers
Spread the cost paying monthly by direct debit and get free eye tests and lens checks.

Which contact lenses?
At Docker and Wilson Opticians, we offer a wide range of different contact lenses to suit all of your needs. Our fully trained staff will be able to give you the best possible advice on choosing the right contact lenses for your lifestyle and budget.

Daily Disposables
Daily disposable lenses offer the ultimate in convenience with no cleaning required
Daily lenses are ideal for occasional wear at weekends or for sport
Monthly/Fortnightly Disposables
These disposable lenses offer excellent value while retaining the convenience and hygiene of a disposable lens
They are an excellent option for full time wear
Continuous Wear
Continuous wear contact lenses are made from a special material which allows higher levels of oxygen to reach the eye
These lenses can be worn, without cleaning, for up to 30 consecutive days including whilst you sleep.

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