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Understand What Your Sight Test & Eye Exam Involves?

The Sight Test

Is simply a check of how well you’re seeing and whether we can help improve your vision. We don’t look on ourselves as here to sell new glasses and we’ll only advise them if they’re really going to benefit you.

We have one of the very latest Computerised Auto-Refractors which accurately measures your theoretical error of vision without you even saying a word – after that our skilled Optometrists will evaluate the results!

‘Gold standard’ Eye Examination

The Heidelberg Nerve Fibre Scanner
This laser scans the Optic Nerve Fibres for the earliest signs of glaucoma – a common potentially blinding disease – allowing detection up to 8 years earlier than other methods. It also indicates the possibility of Glaucoma in the under 40’s.

Imagenet – The Digital Retinal Camera
Pictures the retina at the back of the eye so allowing us to screen for both serious eye diseases as well as general health problems such as diabetes and blood pressure etc.

These two instruments allow us to perform a ‘Gold standard’ eye examination.

With an investment of over £100,000 in the very latest technology, we now offer our patients these additional procedures. In doing so we have dramatically extended and improved on the normal‘NHS’ and Private eye examination currently carried out as standard both in our practice and virtually every other UK optical practice. The introduction of these additional tests means that, for a modest additional fee (to both NHS funded and private examinations), we now provide you with the most comprehensive eye examination possible. Read on to discover how these new tests protect your sight or simply ask any of our practice team who will be delighted to explain our unique extended GOLD STANDARD eye examination.

Blood Pressure
As a further health check we offer blood pressure measurement as a standard part of our routine pre-screening.

Your Blood Pressure. We measure it, others may not!

One thing optometrists look for in your eyes is any sign of potential heart problems but to actually measure your blood pressure is much better.

Because you may only see your G.P. when you’re ill they often don’t get to take regular readings but your visit is an ideal opportunity for us to check pressures. Few Opticians as yet do this but we offer this as a free service to all patients over 40. Using a simple wrist unit and if the readings are unusual we will advise you see your doctor.